Best Cars & SUVs in India

How to choose a car in India?

This website is all about how to choose a car in India.

We have separate pages for all car brands available in India. Each of the some 24 famous car brands in India have their own separate pages with all models of cars sold in India. This will make it easy to decide on which is the best car brand to buy in India. Other pages list all car models available within a price range, like for example 'best cars to buy in India under 5 lakhs' or 'best cars to buy under 10 lakhs', etc.

Links to the car model's page on the manufacturers website are also there. Thus all the info required to compare Indian car models specs and prices side by side, is right here on this website and it makes it easy for anyone doing research to buy a new car in India.

How to select best car in India

The most important things to look for when buying a new car in India are price, fuel type (Diesel, Petrol, LPG or CNG), mileage, automatic or manual, maintenance cost, safety features, color of car, etc. All these aspects of what to look for when buying a new car in India are discussed in detail in several of our page here. For example there are pages on 'Diesel or Petrol car better in India', 'best colour of car to buy in India', 'importance of ABS brakes in India', 'automatic or manual car better in India', 'all about car tyres in India', etc.

The latest trend in small cars in India is to have AMT automatic gear. We explain in detail what is AMT Gear (Automated Manual Transmission) and discusses about advantages and disadvantages of AMT gears in small cars. Also all types of automatic gears available in cars in India are explained ............More.

A lot of us are mystified by what the car tyre numbers mean and if there is any advantage in having wider tyres or bigger tires for your car. We have a full page explaining all about car tyres .............More.

Then we have a page giving answers to the most common or frequently asked questions about cars. On this page is also included a glossary or dictionary of car technical terms or words commonly used. Meanings of abbreviations like ABS, ESP, EBD, etc. are explained. Also answers to some questions like what is Torque or Engine Liters or CC, or difference between a super-charger and a turbo-charger, etc. are on our ............Car Q&A page. In short there is everything on this website to make this your best car selection tool in India

India is now a mature car market

India now produces some of the best small cars in the world. Gone are the days of the Ambassador car era - see our page on the history of cars in India. Tata Motors made us all Indians proud when they made a success of their take over of the JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) Group, when other well known International companies like Ford failed to do so - see History of Tata Motors.

India's Tata Motors hit world headlines on 11 January 2008, when they showed off to the world an in-house designed and fully locally manufactured car: the Tata Nano. The Tata Nano was then, and even now, the cheapest car in the world. Tata Nano is doing well, and for many Indians, it is their first car which they own, because they can afford it. This is a fulfillment of the dream of the retired Chairman of Tata Motors, Mr. Ratan Tata, who hit upon the idea when he saw a man driving a scooter with wife and 2 kids in the rain. The latest models of Nano now come in the automatic version: To quote from the Tata Nano website:

"The Newest Compact Hatch in Town, the GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT). It comes with Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission), Electric Power Assisted Steering (ePAS), Infinity motif design theme and an AmphiStreamTM music system with BluetoothTM connectivity, to name a few. Not to forget, the Best-in-class* AC, this one's quite cool!"

Newest Tata Nano GenX
Newest Tata Nano GenX


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